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Aqua Saddle - Aqua

$39.95 - $75.90
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The Finest Foam Afloat!

* Super soft, comfortable foam

* Will not crack, ship or fade

* Color never fades

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Aqua Saddle - Made From Superior Aqua Cell® Foam

Our Aqua Saddle can be fun at the pool, beach or lake.  Aqua Saddle is made of premium Aqua Cell® foam.  This patented foam will not chip, fade, crack or stick together like inferior "vinyl dipped" foam.  Our Aqua Saddles will stay forever soft and supple even in the strongest summer sun.  

Aqua Cell® foam: 

  • Color permeates the entire float - our color will not fade!
  • Will not crack or chip like inferior "vinyl dipped" foam

Ride an Aqua Saddle around your favorite pool, beach or boat party this Summer.

Aqua Saddles measure 33-in L x 16-in W x 1-in H.  

                                                                                         Made with Premium Aqua Cell® Foam - The Finest Foam Afloat!

                                                                              Aqua Cell Infographic

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