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The Carson 7' Mid Century Modern Multi-Game Table with Top and Benches

The Carson 7' Mid Century Modern Multi-Game Table with Top and Benches

Posted by Mark Clements on 30th Nov 2022

I have been designing and manufacturing pool tables for over 35 years, and have designed tables in all price categories; from basic entry-level home tables to top-of-the line tournament quality billiard room tables. At Freetime Fun, we are committed to providing exclusive designs, exceptional quality, excellent value, and superb customer service that will exceed our customer's highest expectations. 

Market Research

After reviewing the current market and reading a ton of customer feedback, it was obvious that the pandemic has changed the way we all think, and live. Consumers are reshaping spaces in their homes to maximize usage and functionality, focusing on a home-centered lifestyle. I came to the following conclusions: Consumers are looking for multi-functional designs that have a great look, rugged durability, and are easy to transition from one usage to another. Consumers really liked the multi-functional table concept, but most were disappointed in the workmanship and dated design styles currently available. I read way too many negative comments about table legs not being sturdy, overall poor workmanship, un-responsive bumper cushions, cheap cloth that wears quickly and warped or unlevel play surfaces. 

Design Style

This is what inspired me to design the Carson pool table set; my goal was to develop a stylish up-to-date design that combines unique features with top quality materials, creating a "Best in Class" affordable multi-functional table set that people simply can't resist. I chose a mid-century modern design for two reasons - it has a minimalistic clean look and is currently the most popular design style in home furnishings.

Hand Picked Materials

High-quality components include a solid hardwood support structure, warp resistant wood play surface, accurate and lively quality K-66 gum rubber cushions, and a durable blended nylon-wool felt. 

Rock Solid Support System

The core of any pool table is the playsurface support structure. After reading customer complaints about table leg systems failing, causing wobble or flex during game play, I decided to use solid hardwood with metal-to-metal connectors on the entire leg support system. This leg system will not flex, providing rigid support that will withstand many years of heavy competitive use.

Fit and Finish

The chic two-tone cabinet finish adds the final touches to the Carson's stunning look. The table is more than just a stylish addition to your gaming space, it's a beautiful piece of furniture that is functional and fun.

Should You Buy It 

I am confident that you will love the look, craftsmanship and multi-functional design of the Carson table set. The timeless, dynamic design is certain to be the preferred gathering spot for many of your upcoming family Holidays and special events, and its backed by an industry leading 1-year warranty. I look forward to hearing your comments soon.

Mark Clements

V.P. of Merchandising | Freetime Fun