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The world needed a better pool float!

The world needed a better pool float!

Posted by Jim Coxworth on 2nd Feb 2023

I have been buying and selling pool inflatables for the past 40 years.

pool floatsPeople love the great shapes, designs and colors of inflatables to relax and enjoy the summer in their pools, lakes or streams. 

Unfortunately, most inflatables don’t last very long, and my customers were frustrated with the low quality and premature deflation. In short, they were dissatisfied, and I really couldn’t blame them. 

During the summer, I would go to Lake Geneva, near my house and watch power boats speeding by towing kids on inflatable rafts and tubes. These rafts had heavy duty inflatable bladders protected by a durable nylon covering. It seemed they were strong enough to take any battering, even at 50mph! 

It was there I began to wonder about making a “towable” quality inflatable for use in pools, lakes and streams.

"We started Freetime Fun to make unique products that will exceed our customers expectations. We set about to make the perfect inflatable with an eye toward the quality and durability of the towables I had seen in Lake Geneva." 

pool floats

This is what we set out to design: 

  • A beautiful, comfortable design with eye catching appeal 
  • A durable, rugged float that would last many seasons
  • A float that is quick and easy to inflate/deflate without hassle and lung burn 
  • A float big and strong enough to accommodate most people, male or female. 
  • A float that drains quickly when being removed from the water, so it isn’t like dragging a waterlogged whale onto the deck 
  • Premium quality in materials and workmanship we can back with meaningful warranties. 

Our brand-new CHUI (Swahili for leopard) and FEELING GROOVY convertible floating loungers accomplished our design goals. These floats have been two years in the making and there is nothing like them on the market today. America’s finest floats are strikingly good looking, comfortable, big, and easy to inflate. 

Their heavy gauge bladders and durable nylon coverings allow us to back them with strong warranties unlike any other inflatable you can buy. We added a water-proof cellphone pocket and integral D rings because we know you like texting and partying with your friends. Just hook them together with a carabiner. 

Use them in pools, lakes or rivers and enjoy years of sun dappled relaxation. The prices on our floats aren’t the cheapest, but the quality is exceptional. Better order early as we have limited quantities coming in this spring. 

I look forward to hearing from all of you. 

Jim Coxworth Founder/Freetime Fun

pool floats

PS We tested the new floats over a two year period. I even got into the act

Jim Coxworth

Note: While our floats are as strong as “towables” they aren’t designed to be towed behind a boat